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Social Media

Who Owns Pinterest? A Complete Guide On Pinterest

One of the most widely used social media networks nowadays is Pinterest. Millions of people utilize it, but who owns Pinterest? And Why is it making some people so angry? We’ll answer all of these queries and more in this post.

What Is Pinterest?

Users may find, save, and share “pins,” or visual material like photographs and videos, on the social networking site Pinterest. To preserve and organize their pins according to themes or hobbies, users may make virtual pinboards. Over 450 million people use Pinterest every month, making it one of the biggest social media networks since its 2010 start. 

Both people and companies utilize the site to find inspiration, ideas, and goods. Users may browse via categories like home decor, fashion, cuisine, and travel or seek pins using keywords. In order to help companies reach and interact with their intended audience, Pinterest also provides a number of tools and services for them, including analytics and advertising possibilities.

A useful tool for businesses to reach a specific audience and develop their brand, Pinterest is a visual search network that lets users find and bookmark ideas.

Who Owns Pinterest?

So, Who owns Pinterest? Since Pinterest is a publicly traded corporation, its shareholders own it. The people and organizations that possess the company’s stock each own a portion of it. Ben Silbermann, the co-founder, and the Chief executive officer of Pinterest, was the owner of 38% of the company’s shares. Therefore, Ben Sibermann is the current owner of Pinterest. Financial institutions such as The Vanguard Company and BlackRock are among the other significant owners. Both private and public investors who hold its stock jointly own Pinterest.

Pinterest Is A Great Way To Grow Your Brand

For a number of reasons, using Pinterest to promote your company is a smart idea.

Visual Resources

You may use photographs and videos to promote your company and products on the visual network known as Pinterest. As consequently, it serves as the perfect platform for businesses that depend on visual material to draw in clients.

Strong Interaction

With an average time on the site of 14.2 minutes for each visit, Pinterest’s user base is very active. This implies that there is a greater likelihood that consumers will see and interact with your brand.

Preferred Demographics

You may target your audience on Pinterest according to their interests, habits, and demographics. This means that you can make sure that the correct audiences, who are most likely to be passionate about your business, are seeing your material.

Growth In Website Visitors

By enabling you to connect your pins to your website, Pinterest can increase traffic to it. In order to learn more about your company and products, consumers may click on your pins to be sent straight to your website.


You can monitor the effectiveness of your pins and boards using the comprehensive statistics offered by Pinterest. This allows you to evaluate your strategy’s effectiveness and make any adjustments.

Pinterest is an effective tool for expanding your brand and connecting with a niche group of potential clients.

Who Is The Founder Of Pinterest?

Ben Silbermann is the creator of Pinterest. In 2010, he and Paul Sciarra, as well as Evan Sharp, co-founded the business. Ben Silbermann, who is presently Pinterest’s executive chairman, has played a vital role in the development and success of the company.

There are several reasons why people use Pinterest. One of the key reasons is that it enables users to discover creativity and concepts for a variety of subjects, such as interior design, clothing, food, and travel. Users may browse through the pins and boards made by other users with ease and save them for later use.

Additionally, Pinterest’s user base is quite active; they spend an average of 14.2 mins on the site each time they visit, showing that they are actively using it to find new stuff. The visual aspect of Pinterest, which makes it simple for users to locate and save visual information, is another factor in its appeal. Last but not least, Pinterest provides a variety of tools that let users group and store their material according to topics or interests, making it simple for users to locate and save ideas for later. 

How To Start A Business On Pinterest?

You must do the following actions in order to launch a company on Pinterest:

Open A Business Account On Pinterest

Create a business account on Pinterest. This will provide you access to Pinterest’s tools and services for businesses, including analytics and advertising choices.

Boost Your Profile

Ensure that your profile is thorough and search-engine friendly. To make it simpler for visitors to locate your work, utilize keywords in your account’s description and board titles.

Establish Boards

Make boards that are pertinent to your company and the people you want to reach. Create themes or interests for your boards, and blend your original content with information from other sources.

Pin Frequently

To keep your material interesting and engaging, pin frequently. Utilize a scheduling tool to arrange your pins, and seek to pin at least once every day.

Activate Your Audience

Respond to messages and comments from your audience, as well as follow and converse with other people in your niche, to engage with them. This will assist you in networking and expanding your Pinterest following.

Utilise Pinterest Ads

To market your goods or services and reach a larger audience, think about employing Pinterest advertising. marketed Pins and Advertised Videos are only two of the advertising choices Pinterest provides that can assist you in reaching your target market and increasing website traffic.

Keep An Eye On Your Analytics

To track your progress on Pinterest and find areas for development, periodically check your stats. Utilize this information to improve your pins and boards for greater engagement and outcomes. 

Who Is The CEO Of Pinterest

Bill Ready is Pinterest’s current CEO. On June 29, 2022, he replaced co-founder Ben Silbermann. Previously serving as Google’s President of Commerce, Ready has also held executive positions at PayPal and Braintree.

History Of Pinterest

When Pinterest’s initial version was released in 2010, early adopters took to it right away. The site had 5,000 users by August 2010, and by January 2012, that number had risen to over 10 million. The visual aspect of Pinterest, which makes it simple for users to find and save material, and its highly engaged user base, which stays on the website for an average of 14.2 minutes each visit, have both contributed to the platform’s explosive development.

Promoted Pins, Pinterest’s first advertising solution was released in 2015 and allowed companies to advertise their content to a larger audience. Since that time, Pinterest has expanded its advertising options and grown to be a well-liked platform for companies trying to attract new clients and increase website traffic.

Over 450 million people use Pinterest every month, and it is now available in over 30 different languages. The site has also broadened beyond its initial emphasis on goods and shopping to cover a variety of themes, such as home furnishings, clothing, cuisine, and travel. 

Why You Should Use Pinterest

The following are some justifications for using Pinterest:

Find and Save Thoughts

You may find and bookmark ideas on Pinterest for a variety of categories, including home design, fashion, cuisine, and travel. Pinterest is a visual exploration tool. By pinning ideas to your boards, which you may categorize by interest or subject, you can store ideas for later.


For projects, innovative product ideas, and creative inspiration, explore Pinterest. Millions of pins made by other users are available for you to peruse and gain inspiration from.

Bring More People to Your Website

Pinterest may be an effective strategy for increasing traffic to your website or blog if you have one. You may draw new visitors and prospective consumers to your website by making eye-catching pins and connecting them back to it.

Create Your Brand

Additionally, Pinterest may be a useful tool for expanding your brand and attracting new customers. You may build a following and raise brand recognition by using the platform to create a strong visual representation and interact with other users.

Contact Others Who Share Your Views

You may connect with folks on the social media site Pinterest who have similar interests and hobbies to your own. You may post your own thoughts and information while also following other users and commenting on their pins.


You may advertise on Pinterest using a variety of methods to connect with your target market and spread the word about your goods or services. To reach the appropriate users at the right moment, you may target specific populations, interests, and keywords using Promoted Pins.

Pinterest is a flexible platform with many advantages for both people and companies. Pinterest may be a useful tool to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you’re seeking inspiration, increasing website traffic, or developing your brand.

Benefits Of Pinterest For Your Business

Pinterest has a number of advantages, including:


For crafts, fresh product ideas, and creative endeavors, Pinterest is a fantastic resource. Users may peruse the millions of pins made by other users and find inspiration in their thoughts.

Creating Leads

Pinterest may be an extremely effective tool for attracting consumers to web pages and blogs. Users may attract new visitors and prospective customers by generating high-quality pins and connecting them back to a website.

Brand Creation

Pinterest may be a useful medium for developing a business and reaching out to new consumers. Businesses may enhance brand recognition and expand their following by establishing an authoritative visual representation on the site and connecting with other users.


Pinterest provides a variety of advertising solutions to assist companies in reaching their intended demographic and promoting their goods or services. Businesses may utilize Promoted Pins to reach the appropriate consumers at the right time by targeting certain demographics, interests, and keywords.

Pinterest is the most popular site for customers to share their favorite items, ideas, and trends. To stay on top of new trends in their business, a firm should have a keen presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a dynamic platform that provides several advantages to both people and organizations. Pinterest may be a wonderful tool for helping you reach your objectives, whether you’re seeking inspiration, increasing traffic to your website, or establishing your brand.

Drawbacks Of Pinterest

The following are some disadvantages of utilizing Pinterest:

For concerns with copyright infringement, Pinterest has received criticism. Without permission, users can pin pictures from other websites, which may violate their owners’ copyrights. Legal problems have arisen as a result for Pinterest and its users.

Time Taken

Due to users’ propensity for getting lost in picture browsing and pinning, Pinterest may be a time-consuming tool. For people who seek to be productive or for firms that need to handle their time well, this may be a drawback.

Population Restrictions

Over 70% of Pinterest’s users are women, making them the majority of the user population. This may be a drawback for companies that cater to men or for people seeking a more diversified customer base.

Not Appropriate For Every Business

While Pinterest may be a successful marketing tool for some companies, it may not be right for everyone. Businesses with visually striking products or services may find it difficult to acquire momentum on the platform.

Algorithm Updates

Businesses and individuals may find it challenging to stay current with Pinterest’s algorithm because it is always changing. Due to this, their material may receive less traffic and interaction.

Although Pinterest offers numerous advantages, users ought to be aware of some of its disadvantages.

How To Save A Pin On Pinterest

The following are the methods to save a pin on Pinterest:

  • Find the pin you want to keep and log into your Pinterest account.
  • To open the pin, click on it.
  • In the pin’s upper right corner, click the “Save” button.
  • Decide which board you wish to save the pin to. You may either make a new board or save it to an existing board.
  • Give the pin a description.
  • To save the pin to the board of your choice, click “Save”.


I hope now you know very well who owns Pinterest. An excellent strategy to expand your business is through Pinterest. It’s also among the finest methods for saving Pinterest pins.

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