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How Old Is Colin Stough? Age, Family, And BioGeography

Colin Stough is an American Idol contestant who appears on the second season of the show. He was born on July 19, 2005, in Amory, Mississippi. Both the judges and the public praised Stough’s performances on American Idol. He received appreciation for his distinctive voice and his capacity to engage the audience. Stough developed a sizable fan base of admirers despite coming in last in the tournament, and they value his talent and love of music. You are curious about How Old Is Colin Stough?

How Old Is Colin Stough?

Colin Stough, the American Idol contestant, is 19 years old. He was born in 2005 as of 2023 he is 18 years of age.

Who Is Colin Stough?

Colin Stough is an American country musician and former American Idol season 21 finalist. He was born in 2005 and is 19 years old now. Stough attended Hatley High School, where he also played football, and was raised in Amory, Mississippi. He rose to prominence after competing in American Idol season 21 and finishing as one of the top three winners. Stough is a country music specialist noted for his outstanding voice, compelling performances, and approachable demeanor. He has amassed a sizable fan base that admires his talent and his love of music.

How Tall Is Colin Stough?

The American Idol contestant Colin is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Colin Stough Education

You may be wondering what Colin Stough’s education was like. He is graduated from Hatley High School in Amory, Mississippi in 2022

Colin Stough Weight

Colin weighs 65 kg. He is not a huge person, which is the first thing you should know about him. He is only five feet seven inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms. This suggests he’s a minor celebrity in comparison to most other celebrities on the earth.

Colin Stough’s Career On American Idol

Colin Stough’s performances on American Idol have won him a large fan base who admire his skill, personality, and love of country music. In addition to his stint on the program, Stough won the American Idol Encore Contest, in which he contended for America’s votes over five of his fellow season 21 Top 8 contestants.

Overall, Colin Stough’s time on American Idol was an incredible experience that helped him earn exposure and a reputation in the country music industry. His admirers anxiously anticipate his upcoming efforts as he continues working on his music career with love and determination.

Colin Stough Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts about American Idol’s Colin Stough:

  • He is a young country singer who rose to prominence after applying for American Idol season 21.
  • Stough is a Mississippi native who began singing at an early age.
  • Stough was a construction worker who had never performed in front of a large crowd before competing for American Idol, during his stay on.

Where Is Colin Stough From?

Colin Stough, a Season 21 participant on American Idol, is from Amory, Mississippi. Amory is a city in Monroe County in the state’s northeastern region. It is a tiny town of around 7,000 inhabitants. Stough was raised in this town and began singing at an early age. He worked as a construction worker before competing for American Idol and had never performed in front of a huge crowd. Stough, despite having little experience, wowed the judges and audience with his strong voice and emotive performances. His time on American Idol has given him visibility and fame in the country music industry, and his fans are looking forward to his future ventures.

What Are The Hobbies Of Colin Stough?

He is a man with several interests and hobbies. He likes golf, reading, and traveling. On Sundays, Colin enjoys watching football games with his pals at their neighborhood tavern.

  • Collin enjoys spending time among horses.
  • He has a nice assortment of headwear.
  • He enjoys playing football.

Colin Stough Mother

Nara is the name of Colin Stough’s mother. After seeing Stough perform “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stough’s mother signed him up for the competition, which was a crucial step in his American Idol quest. Stough said in an interview that he shares a house with his mother, stepfather, and two dogs. Sadly, Colin has never known Stough’s father, who was a strong drinker and drug user. 

Colin Stough Father

Stough said in a Hollywood Life interview that his father was a severe drinker and drug user who had been missing from his life. While the name of Stough’s father is unclear, it is evident that his mother, Nara, had a tremendous impact on his life and served as a steady source of support during his time competing on American Idol. 

Colin Stough Love For Horses

The American Idol Season 21 participant Colin Stough is well-recognized for his passion for horses. Stough is referred to be a “Mississippi native with an authentic country accent and a deep passion for horses” in a Facebook post by American Idol. Stough mentioned that he was raised on a farm and has spent his entire life among horses in a video package for the program. Several news pieces about Stough’s time on American Idol have also noted his passion for horses. Stough’s American Idol journey demonstrated his outstanding singing abilities and his sincere passion for rural life and horses, despite his eventual third-place result.

Does Colin Stough Have Any Relation?

He is in a passionate relationship with Emma Long. According to the story, they’ve been dating since before 2021, and Emma Long is a little older than Stough. Emma Long attended and graduated from Smithville High School. Stough has also posted images of Emma Long on his Instagram account, which includes one in which he refers to her as his girlfriend.


I hope now you know very well How Old Is Colin Stough? Colin Stough is a well-known American Idol winner who was born in 2005. Colin Stough is a skilled vocalist from Amory, Mississippi, who rose to national prominence as a season 19 participant on American Idol. Stough astonished the judges and audiences with his powerful voice and emotive performances despite having yet to experience singing in front of a large audience. His time on the show gave him visibility and fame in the country music business. Although he failed not to advance to the finals, Stough’s love of music and his distinct style has earned him a devoted following. Colin Stough has a promising future in the music industry because to his talent and drive.

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