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Football Quarterback Player Jon Kitna

Over the years, football has produced a number of iconic players who forever transformed the game. Jon Kitna, a former professional quarterback renowned for his fortitude, leadership, and love for the game, is one such player. He was a member of numerous teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, and Cincinnati Bengals. He is well-known for having a career record of 29,745 yards of passing and 169 touchdowns.

Off the pitch, Kitna is a Christian who has openly spoken about his religion his entire career. He was appointed the football coach at Waxahachie High School in Texas in 2011. Kitna was selected to go into a coaching career after retiring from professional football, and Waxahachie High School gave him the chance to teach young athletes about his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. Kitna’s experience, leadership abilities, and commitment helped Waxahachie High School to grow its football program. He made a huge contribution to the team’s development and helped the players achieve victory on as well as off the pitch.

He served as the football coach at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington. The Dallas Cowboys hired Kitna in 2019 to serve as their quarterbacks coach. Kitna is also active with a number of philanthropic organizations, such as the Jon Kitna Wildcat Football Camp, which aids young athletes in developing their abilities.

Early Life And Background

Jon was born in Tacoma, Washington, on September 21, 1972. Throughout, he showed an intense work ethic as well as a natural knack for football. Early on, it was clear that he was dedicated to the game and loved it, which laid the groundwork for his eventual success.

Kitna completed his high school education at Tacoma’s Lincoln High School. He participated in baseball, basketball, and football and excelled in all of them. He developed his quarterback ability during this period, demonstrating his leadership capabilities and football IQ.

College Football Career

Kitna attended Central Washington University to pursue his love of football after graduating from high school. He excelled on the field while playing quarterback for the Central Washington Wildcats. His commitment and performance during his undergraduate career led to notable successes.

Kitna achieved many records and won many awards while attending Central Washington University. Scouts from the NFL were attracted to his strong leadership qualities and great statistics, which paved the way for his transition to the professional ranks of football.

Entering The NFL

The Seattle Seahawks selected Jon in the sixth round of the 1996 NFL Draught. His career in professional football officially began at that point. As an athlete of the Seahawks, Kitna made his NFL debut, demonstrating his talent and tenacity on the field.

Kitna, who was initially a backup quarterback, seized the opportunity after the starter quarterback was injured. He proved his skill set and leadership abilities, giving him a starting spot and the opportunity to make his name in the league.

NFL Journey And Achievements

Jon spent his NFL career with a variety of clubs, such as Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys. He suffered ups and downs, but his perseverance and passion for football never changed.

Kitna won awards for his outstanding accomplishments while playing in the NFL. In 2003, he was honored with the coveted Ed Block Courage Award in addition to being awarded the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. In every game he played, his tenacity and love for the sport were obvious.

Transition To Coaching

Jon made the decision to end his career as a quarterback in 2012 after a successful professional career. But his passion for the game continued to exist. He came to see that he might help the sport in a different way by serving as a coach.

As he began his coaching career, Kitna imparted his wisdom and experiences to aspiring football players. At various stages, including high school and college, he accepted coaching posts. Numerous young athletes have benefited from his mentoring and advice in developing their abilities and realizing their full potential.

Jon Kitna’s Impact Beyond Football

Jon has always recognized the value of giving back to the neighborhood. He has improved many people’s lives through his charity work. He serves as a role model off the pitch because of his charity efforts, which have benefited many people and organizations.

Beyond his charitable work, Kitna regularly participates in his community, motivating young athletes and sharing important life skills. He appreciates the value of sportsmanship, cooperation, and tenacity. His participation in neighborhood activities and programs has made a long-lasting influence on everyone he meets.

Jon Kitna Awards

Jon was awarded Comeback Player of the Year in 2003. He won the award following a career-high 26 touchdown passes and guiding the Bengals to their first winning season since 1996.

Kitna’s accomplishments in college earned him a spot in the Central Washington University Athletics Hall of Fame. During his four-year tenure as the starting quarterback at Central, Kitna passed for 12,353 yards and 99 touchdowns. During the course of his senior year, he set a school record with 4,616 yards and 42 touchdowns.

Jon Kitna Wife

Jennifer Kitna is the wife of Jon Kitna. They have been together for more than 27 years and have been married for almost 25 years. Jon and Jennifer Kitna met while attending Central Washington University.. On August 13th, 1994, they got married. Jordan, Jalen, and Jada are their three children.

Jon Kitna Kids

Jordan Kitna, Jalen Kitna, and Jada Kitna are the three children of Jon.


Finally, Jon Kitna’s football career is a monument to the strength of perseverance, commitment, and passion for the game. Kitna has made a lasting impact on the sport, starting with his years as a tenacious quarterback and continuing with his shift into coaching and charity. He is revered both on and off the football pitch as a result of his influence that extends well beyond the pitch.


In The NFL, Which Teams Did Jon Kitna Play For?

Throughout his NFL career, Jon played for the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Did Jon Kitna Win Any Honors Over His Career?

Yes, Jon won the Ed Block Courage Award and was voted the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2003.

What Coaching Experience Does Jon Kitna Have?

After quitting football, Jon turned to coaching. At numerous levels, including high school and college, he has coached.

What Types Of Charitable Efforts Is Jon Kitna Engaged In?

Jon regularly participates in philanthropy, making charitable donations and doing projects to have a beneficial impact on people and communities.

What Other Contributions To Society Has Jon Kitna Made Besides Football?

Along with his charitable efforts, Jon gets involved in his local communities, mentoring young athletes and promoting principles like cooperation and sportsmanship.

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