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Exploring the Iconic Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View From a Unique Perspective

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is one of the most iconic views in New York City. It’s a bridge with high suspension cables that span across the East River and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. The view from this location offers breathtaking views of both sides of the river, including the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View History

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is a popular place to visit in New York City. This view of the historic Brooklyn Bridge has been admired by many people over the years, including writers and artists who have depicted it as an iconic setting for their work.

In fact, the view itself was once the subject of several paintings by Winslow Homer (1836–1910), who painted several scenes from this location during his lifetime. One such painting is titled “View From Brooklyn Heights” and depicts boats passing underneath Brooklyn’s iconic bridge while pedestrians walk along its sidewalk railings on either side a perfect representation of how one might see this famous landmark today.

The Entrance Fee For The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

The first thing you should know about the entrance fee for The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is that it’s not very expensive at all. In fact, if you’re an adult (or bring a child), there’s no charge at all.

The second thing you should know about the entrance fee for The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is that it’s $15 per person and can be paid online or through cash only at the door.

Time That Operates Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is open from March to November. The view can be seen from Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

You can also visit the bridge via ferry boats that leave from Pier 11 on the West Side of Manhattan between 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Saturday with no charge for adults (ages 13+).

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View At Night

The Manhattan Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in New York City. It’s also a great place to take pictures, especially at night. If you’re looking for something different than your standard sunrise or sunset shots, check out this unique perspective from below.

If you’re interested in getting some amazing photos from below, here are some things worth considering:

  • Avoid crowds the bridge is usually busy during rush hour times so it’s best to avoid walking around with your camera when there’s too much foot traffic going by on both sides of the span
  • Get down low (but not too low). You can find some great vantage points around the base of the main towers where there isn’t as much crowding as up top where tourists tend to swarm during peak tourist season (this can make finding an angle difficult).

Reach Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is a popular tourist attraction because of its unique view of the Manhattan Bridge. The bridge is one of the tallest bridges in New York City and was completed in 1909. It was built by engineer Joseph B Strauss to connect Lower Manhattan with southern Queens at a cost of $7 million dollars.

Best Ways To See A Dumbo Manhattan

There are many ways to see the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge from a unique perspective. Here are three of the best, along with some tips on how to get there.

  • Viewing from the top of the bridge: The best way to get an aerial view of this iconic New York City landmark is by climbing up one of its towers and looking out over Lower Manhattan from above. This will give you an amazing view of everything from Wall Street (or as we like to call it, “Wallabu”), Brooklyn Heights’ waterfront area, and beyond including where many people think they can see all five boroughs.
  • Viewing from below: If you’re not quite ready for that lofty flight just yet but still want some great views while standing on solid ground instead of dangling off a cliff edge like Spiderman does after eating his lunch in between jobs at Doc Ock’s house office building construction company where they build skyscrapers while working long hours every day until midnight because they need 2nd story windows installed through out entire building before starting work again tomorrow morning as soon as possible so everyone else doesn’t have any problems either

Additional Activities In Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

In addition to the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View, there are many other activities that you can do in New York City. For example, you can visit Times Square and Broadway Shows or go shopping at Macy’s Herald Square.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is a popular tourist attraction in New York City. It’s located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and offers an amazing view of the Manhattan Bridge from above.

The bridge was built between 1905 and 1909 as part of the subway system that connected lower Manhattan with Brooklyn Heights and Coney Island at that time. The original design was inspired by suspension bridges such as those seen at Niagara Falls or Saint Louis Arch in Missouri (both bridges have since been replaced).

A Place To Reside In New York City

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is a place for you to reside in New York City. It’s also a place where you can stay and one that you may want to visit from time to time.

The views from this iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge are truly amazing, but they don’t come cheap. However, if you’re looking for an experience that will last long after your trip ends and if money isn’t an issue then consider taking this tour and experiencing it firsthand.

Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge View Address

Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge View is located at 39-21 Washington Street, Brooklyn, New York City 11201. One of New York City’s prominent bridges is the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a great way to see the city from above and get a bird’s eye view of all its attractions, like Ellis Island and Liberty Island. You can also walk across it from Dumbo or Brooklyn Heights if you want to avoid traffic on your way back home after shopping at local boutiques or eating at some delicious restaurants nearby.

The best way to get there is by taking one of the many ferry boats that come up from Lower Manhattan every hour or two throughout the day; however, if you don’t feel like paying for public transportation then there’s another option: walking! If you’re feeling adventurous (or just want some exercise), head over to Pier 6 next time we’re open it’ll take about 45 minutes in each direction depending on how fast/slowly paced your pace was throughout our trip (which wasn’t too fast because we had lots going on).

How To Walk The Brooklyn Bridge From Dumbo

  • Take the L train to Borough Hall and walk up Flatbush Avenue toward Atlantic Terminal. When you get to 45th Street, turn right and go down Park Place East past Grand Army Plaza (you’ll see a small park on your left). Turn left onto Broadway, which leads directly into Downing Street Plaza (large open space with benches). This will be less than half a block from where we meet up again later in this journey.
  • From here, walk north along Park Place for about five minutes until you reach Fulton Ferry Landing Park; there’s an entrance just ahead of you on your left side that leads down into DUMBO which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (I’m sure there are other names people use too).

What Train Goes To Dumbo Brooklyn

The Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge View Address is a great place to go for a walk. It’s also a great place to go if you have kids, as there are many playgrounds and educational programs at this location. You can even see the sun setting every night.

The Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge View Address is located on 9th Street between Vesey and West Streets in Manhattan, New York City (NYC).

When to Take Spectacular Photos at Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

  • Take the iconic view at night.
  • Take the iconic view during the day.
  • Take it on a rainy day, and you’ll be able to see all of Brooklyn and Manhattan from below.


The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View is the most photographed bridge in New York City. The view is so popular that it’s even been featured on TV shows like Law and Order: SVU. If you want to see some of the most iconic views in New York City, then this should be at the very top of your list.

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