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Discovering Nature’s Retreat:Garrison Lake

Garrison Lake is more than just a beautiful place to visit in the city. It’s also home to a hidden gem of nature that you can explore on foot or by bicycle.

Garrison Lake Is Not A Lake You Would Expect In The Heart Of The City.

Garrison Lake is not a lake you would expect in the heart of the city. It is a hidden retreat in the heart of Toronto, and it’s not just any lake it’s a hidden gem.

Garrison Lake is one of those places that you have to see with your own eyes to really appreciate its beauty. You may be wondering how such an urban setting could produce such an idyllic environment, but once you get there and walk around for awhile, all doubts will disappear as soon as they come into sight.

Cabins For Sale At Garrison Lake

Garrison Lake is a private lake in the heart of New Castle. It is located on West Chestnut Street, just off of South Center Street and adjacent to Fort Indiantown Gap National Historic Park. The lake has been an important part of this community since it was first formed as a reservoir in 1885 by flooding over an area that had been used as farmland for more than 100 years before that time.

The Garrison Lake Association was formed by local residents to manage and develop this natural resource for all of us who live here today. Our goal is simple: protect our precious water resources from contaminants like pesticides, fertilizers and other pollutants from surrounding areas; improve water quality through regular testing; promote responsible use of these resources by all citizens who enjoy boating or swimming at Garrison Lake (or anywhere else where there may be swimmers); improve safety while enjoying recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing/kayaking/paddling etc…

Garrison Lake Delaware

If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Garrison Lake is the perfect choice. This beautiful lake offers plenty of opportunities for boaters, fishermen and swimmers alike.

The area’s rich history can be traced back over 2,000 years when Native Americans first settled there. Today it’s still possible to see evidence of their existence in such areas as Fort Nelson State Park (the oldest remaining fort in Delaware), which was built by colonists during King George III’s War between 1754 1763; Fort Dummer State Park; Wicomico County Historical Society Museum & Library; and Wicomico Regional Jail Museum & Historic Site

More Parking Places And A Larger Area For Parking.

The parking lot is larger and sectioned off, with paved parking spaces. The parking lot is accessible and well lit at night. It’s also well maintained, safe and clean.

Garrison Lakes Golf Course

Garrison Lakes Golf Course is a public golf course located in the city of Port Orford. The course was designed by Tom Doak, who also designed the popular Quarry Creek Golf Club and Cannon Beach Links.

The greens at Garrison Lakes are often described as one of the most challenging in Oregon, with some shots requiring a delicate balance between club selection and shot placement.

Garrison Lake itself is an impressive setting for golfers looking to challenge themselves with both elevation changes and water hazards on their way to challenging par 72s (par 71) that require shots to carry over ponds or wetlands through narrow fairways lined with trees on all sides.

You can find this hidden retreat by taking Highway 101 south from Astoria towards Tillamook Bay for about 80 miles until you hit Highway 126 leading directly into downtown Port Orford where you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful coastal views before driving across Hwy 33 where it intersects High Street which leads directly into town via Old Town Road 595 which winds along side most streets including commercial districts like Main Street or Hilltop Road 10 miles southeast of town..

Garrison Lake Port Orford

The port of Garrison Lake is located in the heart of Northern Vancouver Island. It’s a great place for fishing and boating, but also offers plenty of hiking trails that lead to stunning views from high up on the surrounding peaks.

If you’re looking for a fishing report from our team at Fish Creek Lodge & Spa, here it is:

Garrison Lake Fishing

The fishing at Garrison Lake is excellent. We have a guide who will take you out on the lake in your own boat or motorboat, and teach you how to fish. He also teaches you about lake conservation and its importance to our area as well as other aspects of fishing like equipment, techniques and so on.

We offer several tours for different levels of experience:

  • Guided Fishing Tours   These are popular because they allow people from all walks of life have an opportunity to experience this beautiful place first hand while learning something new about themselves (and their fellow man). These tours typically last about 2 hours each way with stops along the way so that everyone has plenty of time at various points along their journey back home after catching dinner. A great option if your schedule doesn’t allow much flexibility but still want some fresh air while getting away from work stressors or other obligations outside normal daily routines.”

Garrison Lake Swimming

You can swim in Garrison Lake. It’s not a swimming area, but it has enough water to support swimming if you don’t mind getting wet and coming out of the water later than you planned. Swimming is allowed during the summer months (May 1 through September 30) only, when lightning isn’t a concern  though there have been reports of lightning strikes nearby this year. 

If you plan on swimming in Garrison Lake during this time frame, make sure that your eyes are protected from being struck by branches or other debris floating in the lake’s waters; these objects can cause serious injury if they hit a person’s face or body.

Garrison Lake Boat Ramp

The Garrison Lake boat ramp is a great place to launch your boat, kayak or canoe. You can also use it for fishing if you have a fish boat. The parking lot is paved and easy to find, so no worries about getting lost.

​Demolition Of Old Brick Front Gatehouse.

In the past, a brick Front Gatehouse stood on the site. This was demolished and replaced with a new fence in order to facilitate construction of the new dam.

  • Why did you choose this location for your retreat?

We chose Garrison Lake because it is one of our favorite places to go for nature walks and exercise hikes. The forest offers countless opportunities for exploration, photography and even swimming if you feel like taking advantage of its clear waters. We also wanted to create something unique that would inspire people around the world to visit us here at Garrison Lake Resort & Spa.

New Fence Installation Around Beach Area.

The new fence around the beach area is also a great way to protect your privacy. This will prevent people from trespassing on your property, which is a big concern for homeowners who don’t want their homes or yards being invaded by trespassers.

The new fence around parking lot will keep unwanted guests away from your vehicle and help keep it safe from prying eyes. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing that no one has easy access to your vehicle, even if you’re only going inside for a few minutes at most.

The picnic area will become even more enjoyable when there’s no risk of someone walking up on them; now there’s no need for worry about getting attacked by an animal while enjoying lunchtime with friends or family members.”


What Days Can The Individual Annual Pass Be Used?

  • The annual pass is valid for the entire year.
  • It is valid for all days of the week, including weekends and holidays.
  • You can use it anytime during daylight savings time (DST).

What Is Entrance Fee For Garrison Lake?

The entrance fee for Garrison Lake is $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 6 to 15 and seniors over 60. Children under 5 are admitted free during the summer months. Free days may be offered on occasion when the park is at full capacity or if there are special events going on at the park or nearby.


Garrison Lake is a great place to go on a family vacation. It’s easy to get there and it’s also very affordable. You can spend the day at the lake or take the ferry to explore one of the many other amazing destinations in the area like Sandy Hook or Highlands by the Sea.

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