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All About Seven Sirius Benjamin

Andre Benjamin is a rapper, songwriter, actor and producer. He is famous for being the lead singer of the R&B group OutKast. He has won several awards including an Emmy award for his work on The Voice, an MTV VMA award for Best Male Video and Grammy Award nominations for his collaborations with artists like Beyonce, Ludacris and Usher. In addition to this, Andre also has a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin Private Life

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on November 18, 1997

He has been married to his wife Chanel since 2010 and they have one child together. son Seven Sirius Benjamin (born July 26th 2018).

Seven Sirius Benjamin Following His Parents Footsteps

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a famous rapper . He started his career as a producer and songwriter before becoming an independent artist.

He released his first album “Seven Sirius” in 2003, followed by another one called “The Prelude” in 2005. In 2006 he signed with Universal Motown Records and released his fourth album titled “The Truth.” In 2009 he released an EP titled “The Virgo Edition,” which included three new tracks along with remixes of some songs from previous albums.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Net Worth

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a singer, composer, and actor.. He’s best known for his role as Ricky on the MTV show The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

His parents are both members of various musical groups, they’re also members of The Neville Brothers band. As a child he was very into music and spent much time hanging out at recording studios with his mother who worked as an engineer there. At age 15 he moved to Los Angeles with her where she continued working as an engineer while he began working at Universal Studios writing songs for other artists including Monica and Ginuwine (who later featured him on their single “Million Dollar Bill”).

Seven Sirius Benjamin Biography

He is the son of music legend and actor, Andre Benjamin. After his parents divorced when he was young, Seven moved with his mother to Georgia where he attended high school at Deerfield Academy before returning home to finish his education at Columbia University.Seven Sirius Benjamin’s brother is named Seven Benjamin.

Seven Sirius Benjamin College

Seven Sirius Benjamin College is a private school in the United States, with campuses located in Pasadena, California and San Francisco. The college was founded in 2017 by philanthropist and businessman Sir Benjamin Franklin who wanted to create an institution that would offer students from all backgrounds access to higher education.

The school offers both online courses as well as traditional classroom instruction for grades 8 through 12 (or 9 through 12 for international students). Students can choose between five different programs. Early College High School (grades 10-12), Middle School Program (grades 6-8), Early Admissions Program (grades 9-12), Independent Study Program and Independent Study Abroad Program.

The college also offers dual enrollment opportunities with nearby community colleges so students may complete their high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credit toward graduation requirements.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Assets

His house is located at 1676½ Valencia Street in Los Angeles, CA, it was built by his mother Margot Benet known as Margot Jane Benet and designed by architect David Rheins (who also designed her jewelry shop). It has three bedrooms with 1 bath (1 guest room), 2 living rooms and dining areas as well as a huge basement where they have set up their recording studio with all kinds of equipment needed for music production including drums etcetera), this makes it very convenient for them to record songs whenever they need one without having any problem doing so since everything is already there waiting for them when needed most.

Interesting Facts About Seven Sirius Benjamin

The name Seven Sirius Benjamin was given to him by his mother because she wanted to make sure that he didn’t grow up without any attention from others. Benjamin also has two older sisters named Je’Nevee and Khaya, they are both writers as well as artists who have worked with other celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles (Beyoncé) or Kanye West (Kanye West).

Seven Sirius Benjamin Career

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a rapper, singer and actor. He is known for his work with OutKast and has also released several solo albums.

Benjamin began his career by joining the hip hop group The Dungeon Family in 1996, which consists of him along with other artists such as Big Boi, Mr. DJ and Sleepy Brown.[2] On their third album Ghetto Supastar (2000), Benjamin appeared on “Swang” alongside Big Boi. His fourth album A Seat at the Table was released in 2017 to critical acclaim.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Education

Seven Sirius Benjamin has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Georgia. He also received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from that same university and then went on to earn his MPA at the University of Georgia’s Public Administration Program.

Seven Sirius Benjamin is currently working as an Assistant Director at the UGA Health Center located in Athens, GA where he oversees all aspects of patient care including scheduling appointments and directing staff members who provide services to patients who come through its doors.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Physical Appearance

He is a handsome man with a fit and toned body. He stands at 6’ 2” in height, weighing around 200 pounds. His hair color is dark brown, while his eyes are blue. His skin tone is also darker than average due to his African heritage. In addition to being physically attractive, Seven Sirius Benjamin also has an attractive personality that makes him stand out from other people in any crowd he may be surrounded by.


Seven Sirius is the second child of Andre Benjamin and Lauryn Hill, who share a son named North as well. The younger brother of North, Seven was born on April 19th, 1995.

Seven’s older brother is named Dwayne (born 1992), who also has appeared in several projects with his father.


Who Has A Son Named Seven?

He was the son of Andre 3000 and Missy Elliott. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 2nd, 1999. His mother and father are both famous musicians who have been together for over 20 years now and have two other sons together. Dwayne “Handsome” Johnson Jr., 12 years old (born 1992) and Daniel “Danny” Johnson Sr., 13 months old (born 1997).

Seven’s full name is Seven Sirius Benjamin because he is the seventh child of his parents’ three previous marriages combined.

Who Was Andre 3000 Married to?

Andre 3000 was married to R&B singer Erykah Badu from 2000 to 2006. They have two children together, Seven Sirius Benjamin (born in 2004) and Yeezy (born in 2005).

The couple divorced after seven years of marriage, with the musician admitting that he had lost interest in the relationship.


The Seven Sirius Benjamin is a very respected artist in the industry. He has been able to gain a lot of popularity and fame over time as well. The Seven Benjamin is also one of the most successful artists who has sold millions of records across the world. He has also won several awards including an MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip Hop Video, among others.

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