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A Complete Guide on Beaches in South Haven

The beaches in South Haven Michigan are some of the best in the state. There are many various kinds of beaches you can visit. So be sure to look at them all. South Haven is the largest city in Benzonia County. It’s also home to many beautiful beaches. including those on Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. If you want to go somewhere with your buddies or family. consider trying out one of these great beaches.

South Haven Beach

This beach is located at 41st Street in South Haven. this beachfront park has picnic tables and grills available from May through October each year. It’s located just off US-41/M-6 (Northwest Highway). There are restrooms here as well as showers if you want to keep cool during hot summer days.

Silver Beach State Recreation Area

This state recreation area offers three miles of sandy shoreline along Crystal River where visitors can enjoy swimming. fishing or sailing boats all while enjoying views that stretch across several counties along its southern border with Indiana.

Beaches in South Haven

There are 8 beaches in South Haven. The most popular beaches are:

  • A beach located on the east side of the town. with a big tree and two wooden benches. The beach is popular with surfers because it has a long sandy stretch that runs along the shoreline.
  • Another small beach on the east side of town. with lots of rocks and shells for making sandcastles or digging holes for fishing. It’s not very wide but offers good swimming conditions year-round due to its calm waters.
  • A large sandy area that has good swimming conditions all year round due to its calm waters; it also supports many types of fish including trout so people can catch them using fishing rods.

Public Beaches in South Haven

South Haven’s public beach access is open to the public. The beach is located on the south side of Lake Michigan. at the intersection of Northern Avenue and Riverside Drive. It’s one of St. Joseph County’s most well-liked beaches and offers amenities such as showers. playground apparatus and picnic tables for children.

The park has two parking lots: one next to the beach itself (fee-based) and another off North Avenue near Alumni Mall (free). Park rules include no fires or grills. dogs must be leashed at all times; alcohol consumption is prohibited except under special circumstances with approval from park staff. Glass bottles are not permitted on any property owned by Fish Creek Township unless they can be used for recycling purposes (i.e.. broken glass). No littering is allowed anywhere within its borders including dumpsters.

Hidden Beaches in South Haven

  • The best way to find a hidden beach is by driving along the shores of Lake Michigan. The city is surrounded by dozens of miles of shoreline and has many beautiful public parks that offer access to these scenic areas. Be sure to look for signs pointing out access points on your way into town you can’t miss them.
  • When you arrive at one of these hidden beaches. make sure you have plenty of time before sunset so you don’t get caught out in the dark if there’s inclement weather or dangerous conditions such as strong waves or high winds.

South Haven North Beach

South Haven North Beach is a great place to go for a walk. bike ride or swim. It’s also the most popular beach in town and it’s easy to see why: The sand is smooth and has no rocks. so you can run there without getting tired or sore.

South Haven North Beach has many different areas where you can sit down and relax on the beach. including a playground area for kids as well as picnic tables with umbrellas if you want shade from the sun. There are also restrooms nearby if needed (there aren’t very many public restrooms around here). but they’re usually closed during summer months because nobody uses them anymore since they don’t have showers available anywhere else near enough distance away from where people live/work etcetera.

Beach Houses in South Haven Michigan

If you’re looking for beach houses in south haven Michigan. then look no further. Beach houses are popular among families because they offer a great way to spend time together while enjoying the sun and sand. 

Best Beaches in South Haven MI

South Haven is a great place to spend time outdoors. The city has several beaches in and around its borders. together with outdoor pursuits like kayaking and canoeing.

The Main Beaches in South Haven are

  • Beach Park (1000 N Harbor) – This beach offers plenty of space for swimming. sunbathing. fishing and walking on the beach. It also has picnic tables if you want to bring food with you when you go out there. If you’re looking for something more intimate than Beach Park then head over to North Point Beach which has wooden walkways through an area called “The Cove” where people can watch wildlife from their boats or kayaks but this will require some effort since it’s about two miles away from downtown South Haven so make sure that your car has good tires before venturing out onto these roads.
  • Tom Campbell State Park (1250 N Harbor) – This park offers camping sites with electricity hook-ups at each site which makes things easy for families who may want some shelter during bad weather conditions but don’t want too much comfort because they still have access


So there you have it. We’ve given you everything you need to know about the best beaches in South Haven Michigan. If you want to explore more of this beautiful part of the world than get in touch with

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